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Y-Axis University

Y-Axis Inc

Y-Axis believes in the core values of employee development and empowerment. We strongly believe that IT Corporations globally need to launch the concept of a University within the company to groom the existing Managers and Professionals.

An employee typically completes his education and begins his professional career but there is no system that enables a consistent and regular measure of the practical and theoretical knowledge. Corporate HR should launch curriculums in the duration of 3 years and 5 years with each program designed for all levels in the organization. The curriculum should be built on: realistic career information, growth and innovation in the employee’s position.

To enable this Y-Axis has launched the concept of Y-Axis University where training sessions as well as online courses will be offered as a part of the curriculum. Outstanding performance in the University will open the door to not only professional growth, but will create the future leaders in Y-Axis.