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Quality Assurance

Technology Practice

Test Planning:

  • The value of planning
  • Common Web testing objectives
  • Win Runner Expert Workflow

Enhancing Win Runner Tests:

  • Verification
  • Verification concepts
  • Modifying the basic test to meet test requirements
  • Verifying static objects and frames with point and click commands
  • Verifying dynamic objects using TSL
  • Using built-in functions for the Web

Cross-browser testing:

  • Testing with Netscape
  • Testing with Internet Explorer

Test Result analysis long tracking:

  • Analyzing test results
  • Using data comparison viewers
  • Updating expected results

Creation & Playback of Win Runner:

  • Generating the basic test
  • The Win Runner development environment
  • Use and management of the GUI Map
  • Validating the script for successful playback

Data-driven testing:

  • The benefits of data driven tests
  • Using the Data Driver wizard to data drive the basic test
  • Working with the data table
  • Importing data from a database

Test Script Language (TSL):

  • Variables, arrays
  • Flow control
  • Operators
  • Input/output
  • Built-in testing functions
  • The Function Generator
  • Debugging tools

Functions and Reusable Libraries:

  • Creating user-defined functions
  • Error handling
  • Library scripts and init scripts
  • Adding functions to the Function Generator
  • Accessing external and API functions

Data-Driven Testing:

  • Creating data-driven tests
  • The Data Driver Wizard
  • Writing Values to the Data Table
  • Updating the Data Table from database
  • Positive/ Negative test cases

Database Checkpoints:

  • Creating database checkpoints
  • How database verification works

Database Record Verification:

  • Creating database record verification
  • Enhancing database record verification
  • How database record verification works?

Custom Controls:

  • Identifying custom controls
  • Mapping custom controls to standard controls
  • Testing custom controls