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Manufacturing & Logistics

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Manufacturing and Logistics organizations are undergoing a huge transformation to address new market opportunities driven by globalization. As a result, industry giants are aggressively pursuing consolidation strategies, through mergers and acquisitions, to transform their businesses into integrated global corporations. Companies are investing more in technology-led business initiatives to meet the ever-changing customer demands and maximize profitability. Operational excellence and collaborative service offerings will become key business drivers and technology will provide the competitive edge. Operational Excellence achieved through Customer Relationship Management, Event and Exception Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Network and Fleet Optimization, Asset Management, Hub and Spoke Operations, Shipment Security and end – to – end offerings. Collaborative Service Offerings achieved through Shipment Management, RFID based Services, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain Management, Retail Locations, Forwarding and Brokerage, Returns and Reverse Logistics, Intermodal Services.

The Manufacturing and Logistics practice at Y-Axis offers end-to-end IT services and solutions, which create operational superiority and strategic differentiation for its Global customer base. The practice primarily focuses on freight transportation, covering the following sub segments – Freight Rail, Mail/ Parcel Express, Marine Freight, Trucking, Logistics (3PL) and others like intermediaries, freight forwarders, terminal operators, NVOCCs, CFS/ Intermodal Terminal Operators, etc. Y-Axis Manufacturing and Logistics practice is strongly aligned with various technology Centers of Excellence (CoEs), namely Mainframe technologies, emerging technologies like Java and .Net, RFID and CRM. Strategic technology partnership and alliances with SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Compuware and SUN Microsystems, strengthen Y-Axis’s value proposition further.

Y-Axis’s technology and domain capabilities provide it a strong edge in a number of applications specific to the Manufacturing industry.

Our services range across the following areas in manufacturing:

  • Procurement
  • Production Management
  • Shop floor control
  • Sales
  • Customer Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics.

Within our practice groups at Y-Axis we have dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoE) for SAP, Open Source, Microsoft and webMethods. These CoEs are focused on creating best practices, processes, methodologies, reusable tools and a formidable knowledge repository. Additionally, we have a Testing CoE that handles independent testing engagements, leveraging automated testing with its reusable tools, components, business scenarios and test cases.