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Industry Solution

The emergence of new Internet and mobility-based technologies, new means of content distribution and consumption, consistent evolution of handheld devices, industry convergence and globalization have altered the way Media and Communication organizations think about their businesses and end customers. Information Technology continues to significantly influence the business, with current expectations from IT focused on innovations leading to higher revenues, better customer retention through "customer focus" rather than "product focus", ability to use customer information for cross and up sell and increase profitability. With our industry experience and expertise in IT consulting and services, Y-Axis helps Media & Telecom clients leverage the efficiencies of technology, to partner with customers, partners, and the entire value chain more strategically.

Y-Axis’s support services initiatives based on our experienced assessment of the system-integration testing challenges arising out of mergers & acquisition, legacy modernization and complex service bundling. Our Revenue Assurance solutions are aimed at identifying and implementing solutions that plug the revenue leakage points. Our Mobility solutions will increase organizations' ability to reach out to the current generation of customers and leverage the mobile channel.

In the Media sector, Y-Axis’s Web Management Services supports our clients' IT cost reduction & optimization initiatives by optimizing IT assets to be managed. We help our clients meet their customers' requirement for 'On-Demand business' and personalize services by content integration to mobile devices and User Experience Services. Our Media Management services ensures better monetization of our client's content, by providing a better organized store, search & reporting facility.