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Health Care

Industry Solution

Healthcare security of employees and the information pertaining to them is at the top of every Healthcare & Life Sciences organization’s agenda. It defines the processes and methods in which you do business and the integrity for which your brand represents. The high costs of research and development, increased competition, and the ever-changing legislation demands that the industry maximize its investments elsewhere to control costs and ensure quality. One of the key areas within the sector that has been under pressure to deliver is IT solutions and services, whether integrating into the supply chain, merging with another organization, or delivering front end information.
We understand that in this sector, the critical factors are:

  • Improved efficiency, lower costs, enhanced productivity through the design of systems that enhance the way you do business
  • Quality and the need for the integrity of information to be 100% accurate
  • Improved business knowledge and enhanced business performance through the provision of better customer contact and relationship building
  • Improved security of information and systems as the delivery methods become more open

Y-Axis’s solution services utilize its many years of working experience with some of the largest Health care & Life Sciences organizations in the world. We understand that most systems have an impact on life critical decisions or products. Our experience across the globe ensures that we build on the experience to deliver high quality services to an industry sector that has no room for error.