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Specialized Testing Service

Test Management

Due to the increased demands of today’s business environment, Y-Axis offers specialized testing services in several areas. What this means is that we are able to offer specialized services targeting specific segments of the marketplace to ensure that your solutions are delivered in a reduced timeframe with lower defects, all while attaining lower costs. Y-Axis’s Specialized Testing Services help address specific testing requirements while developing products for your customers or procuring commercial off-the-shelf products to address your business needs. These services help you test various phases of the product lifecycle including product development, major / minor release, and support. The services include:

  • Functional Testing: Evaluation of the compliance of your product, with specific functional requirements
  • Regression Testing: Validation of the functionality of the product after upgrades, hot fixes and patches
  • Localization Testing: Validation of your product in line with culture-specific, language-specific, and country-specific requirements
  • Interoperability Requirements: Validation of the ability of your product to interact with different types of computers, networks, operating systems, browsers and applications effectively
  • Certification: Certification of your product on multiple operating systems, browsers, databases, and service packs

These services help you carry out testing while selecting and deploying commercial off-the-shelf products, suited to your requirements. Starting with an assessment of your business requirements, Y-Axis helps to:

  • Map the end-to-end functional flow of the chosen product, with business requirements
  • Outline constraints and priorities
  • Evaluate business acceptance of the product
  • Maintain testing activities throughout product life

Y-Axis’s proprietary automation framework integrates function libraries, test data sources, and maps them to commonly-used keywords, written in the English language. This reduces the complexity involved in creating and running test scripts. By ensuring reusability of the keywords, the framework helps reduce automation efforts by 30% to 40% for products and commercial solutions.