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Industry Solution

For organizations in the telecom industry, reliance on technology is critical. Y-Axis understands the overriding emphasis this places on delivering high quality solutions in a fiercely competitive market, where the regulatory aspects are becoming more and more stringent. However, many of the leading telecom organizations are turning this into a competitive advantage and adapting their business models to improve the variety of their services and products and helping create new markets. Two of the biggest areas under focus are the increased adoption of Voice over IP and the integration of voice and data and mobile services. It is in this space that speed to market is becoming critical. Attentive to the concerns of competition and growth within the industry, Y-Axis is positioned to help our clients maximize opportunities within the ever changing marketplace.
The telecom industry is focusing on implementing highly complex technologies to:

  • Improve the way they maintain the relationships and the loyalty with their customers in a extremely competitive environment
  • Integrate with global organizations and their infrastructure so that they can work in partnership to deliver mobile and distributed solutions
  • Improve the security of information and systems as this becomes more complex and greater confidentiality is required

Y-Axis services utilize its many years of telecoms and mobile technology experience to address the global challenges in the ‘information’ world. Y-Axis focus on enabling right, first time solutions provides key competitive advantage to companies that need to be first, without risking their reputation.