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Culture & Empowerment

Y-Axis Inc

Organizations today must not only create a work culture that attracts qualified “knowledge workers”, but also design a human-performance environment that optimizes the productivity of their workforce and its impact on the whole business.

Y-Axis has been ranked as one of the best Employers in NJ and it is not for nothing that our employers rate us the highest in terms of industry standard pay scales, ability to take decisions freely and the communication style that brings about cohesiveness in the team structures. We have always had a very flat organization structure and an "open door" policy.

We encourage honest and bold opinions because we believe that it is the only way to create a no-fear atmosphere at the workplace and introduce refreshing path breaking ideas into our business processes. Diversity and integrity form the foundations of our value system and we have employees from varied religious and cultural backgrounds integrated seamlessly into the Fulcrum family.

When an employee first comes into Y-Axis we make sure that he or she is well integrated and supported in what they need and create a synergy with the ongoing Y-Axis Culture. That starts with having a committed team that cares about people in general and what their experiences are within this organization.